Numerology Life Path For Personality Number 1

[Numerology] Life Path For Personality Number 1

You are Numerology Personality Number 1 and do you know the magic of numbers and how it shapes your life.

The day on which we are born is so important like somebody is born on the 1st and the 2nd or on the 3rd of any month.

But these number has the power to influences your personality or you can say these are your numerology personality numbers, so I am about to embark on this journey of numbers with you.

And we are going to start with the personality number 1, so if you were born on 1, 10, 19, 28 then you are number 1.

so whatever is adding up to 1 if it is your number then you fall on under the number one.
For example 28 will be 2+8 and 19th will be 1+9.

If you are not sure what number are you then just add your birth date like 25(2+5=7) now your personality number is 7.

What The Personality Number 1 People Are Like

  • So the number 1 people are very enterprising individuals.
  • They are leaders they are very determined people, so you guys have lots of determination you have the power to lead.
  • You don’t like to follow you are not a follower you are the leader you are the pioneers.
  • The number ones are number one in every field of there life that’s the reason they are called number 1.
  • You are the people with immense energy inside you to lead.
  • You have dynamism at the same time you are people who will lead on a path that has never been trodden upon before that was never walked before.
  • You have this quality of going on the path to creating paths that are completely new.
  • Some people can see you authoritarians also you are very dominating.
  • You tell everything directly and sometimes you can be brutally honest and you can be very
    straight forward and direct.
  • You are Full Of Energy.
  • They are ruled by the Sun so the Sun is all about shining so they love to shine they like to take the center stage.
  • They always are looking for challenges to ignite this inner fire.
  • They don’t like boredom the don’t like routine
  • They like difficulties and challenges to fill their existence.
  • Challenges that are what they require in life, the more difficult the thing is the more this fire inside of them is increasing and also they can be very impulsive they don’t like things which are very slow and monotonous.
  • They can become very impulsive and impatient you know when things are very slow or things are not moving fast they don’t like it.
  • Speed is the name of the game for the number one’s they are speedy people mister miss misses speedy.
  • You don’t like to depend on others you don’t like to depend on because you’re very independent people.
  • You’re very self-sufficient, you like to feel self-sufficient.
  • Dependence is something against your nature.
  • You don’t like to depend on others you like to protect those who are weak, you like to protect those who you like to help.
  • That’s what personality number 1 do you like to help you like to protect people who are a bit weak who come to you for help.
Numerology Life Path For Personality Number 1

What Is The Negative Trait For Personality Number 1

You are brutally honest and straight forward person because of that you can create some problems.

Your nature is a helping nature but at some times your way of helping can be misinterpreted or misunderstood as if you are too interfering or too demanding on people or too dominating or you are trying to exert your authority on them.

You know even if you are giving some good advice or something it it can get misunderstood, this is the downside.

Well you have a resemblance of Sun and the Sun is all about the ego, you have to take care of the ego because you can come across as an egoist or egocentric or self-centered

You are not that person but because the sun is shining so you know automatically the spotlight is upon you but then you are perceived sometimes.

You can be perceived by people as if this person is quite an egoist, but it’s not about your ego.

It is about your confidence because you are quite confident sometimes but it comes out as overconfidence.

But you are extremely confident people so sometimes you can be seen by other people as egocentric and yes very impulsive, also you can be impatient and this is the downside of being the number 1 energy.

So you need to take care is just like the Sun when the Sun you know shines in the proper temperatures you feel nice and
warm but the moment the heat is more you can feel burnt.

So this is how your sunny energy can be perceived as warmth but the moment it gets a bit excessive itcan burn people in front of you.

And sometimes people feel you quiet dominent because of your presence or feel low in front of you.

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Best Traits of Personality Number 1

Number one people is that they are the people who have an extremely motivating energy.

You have this motivating energy and your positive energy is very contagious so you have to
keep on doing that.

No matter whom you meet you give them this positivity.

You have to enhance this inside of you so that you give it to those people because this is what is going to make the most of you.

You know like it will make you feel very satisfied at the same time and at the same time others will benefit from your contagious optimism or contagious positive energy that you carry.

If Number 1 people are told to do something very difficult, firstly they will face problems but when they are in control of things they will do is as a king.

The number one energy people are like that and also the thing about the number 1 is that they’re very creative and they’re very original people.

They will always be creating and they have always originality inside of them also and also they are very honest and straightforward people.

“Nothing is impossible for you you’re born to lead, so keep leading but with a good example.

You are not impatient or arrogant that’s not for you, your path is all about leading people with your positive energy and giving them the motivation and when they look at you they feel like You are the King.”


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