Numerology Life Path For Personality Number 2

[Numerology] Life Path For Personality Number 2

You are personality number 2 so hello my friends and welcome to see what are the personality traits of number 2. So if you’re born on the 2nd, 20th, 11th, and 29th of a month then this is for you.

so what is number 2 all about well number two people, they are very caring Souls.

They’re very sensitive I would say hypersensitive, they can be very touchy if they are said something a bit harsh then it will hurt them very easily.

They will not show it because they will not have the tendency to be open about it, they will keep it inside of them they will brood over it and it will hurt them inside they will just not express that.

What Numerology Personality Number 2 People Are Like

Number 2 people are just like the moon I would say very slow they are not exactly slow but as soft glowing personalities.


They’re very diplomatic people, what happens is that if there is kind of a fight or some kind of conflict taking place then the number two people are the people who will try to bring about peace over there.

So that they can easily calm the trouble makers so whenever there is a conflict you might notice your friends who are number two they just go and try to settle down things.

They will try to understand what is happening and just try to pacify both sides.


Also, these people as we can see number two is one plus one right so this is about Union this isn’t marriage number.

Because it’s as a Union number so number 2 people work very well when they are teamed up with someone, so it can be a very good partnership.


They can shoulder a very good partnership then they are also very good at something which needs to be built up together.

They dont like like to work solo, they will really progress when there is a teamwork situation and then they will do very very well.


They will always like to be with people because for them, they have that little bit of dependency kind of trade.

You can see number 2 with their partners also, they can be overly dependent on their partners.

And the partner would be like stop there, why are you so dependent on me, but in a very sweet way, it’s not like suffocatingly dependent.


They are calm yet very emotional, very sensitive, and sometimes very very intuitive people.

They have to listen to the intuition whenever they feel that something is right or something is not right they have to listen to it.

If number 2 people are criticized for something then you have the tendency to close up yourself inside of yourself.

And that would be quiet hearting to you and you just cant lash back and then a sudden you might stop communicating to that person ho hurt you. And your heart is just closed for those people.

Amazing Lover

Numerology Life Path For Personality Number 2

Number two people just give 1000% when they really love someone, it is like 1000% in a relationship.

you people give and you are devoted to your partners you’re so devoted you are just busy understanding them. Even you forget yourself in a relationship just keep on thinking about your partner.

The other person the partner becomes your God over there and you are all the time like what I can help you with if you need anything just ask me to type situation.


You are so much caring as if you are the mother of your partner rather than even if you’re a male you become the mother or you know the maternal feelings towards your partners.

So much that you forget yourself you are sacrificing in a relationship not just with your partner but with your colleagues with your friends.

Whenever you are in a relationship you want to see everybody happy in your family also you will sacrifice something which is very important for you just to maintain this peace and happiness.

When you are happy you can make others happy right but when you have to give up something so important to yourself at that time it can be a bit weighing for you during your life.

So you need to take care of that as you don’t like conflicts whenever there is a conflict you will try to bring about
some kind of a solution.

So you are the peacemakers as well as you are the ones who ambiance of harmony where everyone is nice to each other, so that is what you like.

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Number two people can appear to be very very reserved because they are always like testing the waters before they can come up, they can be seen or they can appear very shy, reserved sometimes cold also.

Some people can feel oh they are cold or oh they are having some kind of complex but it is not, So this just because the number two people are shy at the beginning they take time to know you and then slowly they will start opening up.

And when they open up and started liking you they are very loyal to you.

They are curious people when they open up to you they want to know more about you and they will help you.


So whenever you are in trouble personality number 2 friend will be a bit like what happened to tell me and even if you don’t feel like telling they will try to dig into it because they would like to know what’s troubling you so that they can help you.


They will succeed in jobs that require people that needs teamwork.

They are been seeing very caring for example health care also they will be very good as teachers.

They will be very good no matter where they are put.

Wherever there is some kind of services to be provided, so in service industries also they will do very good wherever imagination artistic qualities are required because imagination is wonderful in them

They can also wherever there is diplomacy required then number two people will do quite good.

They can be very good doctors, nurses because they have this very caring and at the same time the curiosities and there you can add the research work.

What Are The Bad Aspects of Numerology Personality Number 2

Number two personality can give up something very very important to them just because some people in the family or friends are not happy by their choice.

And when they see that everybody’s happy around them then they feel nice but mine my dear number two you need to take care of this sacrificing yourself all the time is not a good thing.


Because it is one plus one right so always there is the duality the conflicting mind is there always, one mind will say something and the other will like oh you know try to dominate the other side so there is always the duality.


They can have that like Martius syndrome-like because they give so much so when they don’t receive and return then they can have this kind of exhausted burnout feeling.

That I have given so much and what did I get in return so they might have that very much inside of them.

So you have to take care of that don’t fall into self-pity that I did this and this.

You don’t need to tell anyone of that you know you have done it because it is your power to give so forget it just leave it at that don’t get into self-pity.

Overly dependent

Because then that leads to complex again then what can happen is that you can get into this kind of shy feeling then lack confidence because you feel the worth as your worth comes from people in front of you.

But it’s not that you are not worthy because you have those qualities inside of you so you don’t need to make the person in front so important that the person decides what’s your worth.

So you need to take care of that, you have to avoid being overly dependent on someone.

The moment you love someone whether it is a friend, parent, relative, your partner, or anyone whom you trust, then what can happen you start depending upon them.

It is not bad to depend on someone but when you depend too much on someone than what are you doing actually is you’re giving the remote of your life in their hands and then they start to manipulate you.

Number 2 don’t be overly dependent keep your power with yourself also it’s nice to love it’s nice to give but at the same time you need to keep your own position right.”

Best Trait of Numerology Personality Number 2

When they are in a relationship it is like fusion with the partner, so much fusion that they forget who they are what they are.

So that in a way is something that is very very precious and rare and the partners of number 2 have to really really thankful that they are with the number two people.

Because they are very rare gemstones they are precious people you should not lose them if they are giving you their heart be loyal to them.


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