Numerology Life Path For Personality Number 7

[Numerology] Life Path For Personality Number 7

Welcome to the numerology personality trait number 7. So if you’re born on the 7th, 16th, or 25th of the month then you are number 7 and we will find out in this article what are the good and bad traits of this personality number.

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What are Numerology Personality number 7 people like

Number seven people you’re so deep, you’re like the deep sea everything is really hidden and you don’t allow anyone to really reach there to find out.


You’re very mysterious, people when they look at you, they might find you a bit mysterious because they cannot make out what you are.

This is what we are here for to find out who are you people.

You are the kind of people who fascinated and attracted to everything that is unknown, everything that is unseen or undiscovered, and you like those explorers.

You guys are those who would like to just study on your own to find out the mysteries that are hidden in this world, about this universe.

Keen Learner

So you can be someone who reads a lot with a lot on the computers trying to get a lot of information or is going to the library and finding books in order to find those answers for the mysteries of nature.

Number 7 you are a really deep thinker I see that you like to be more in your own company.


You’re extremely I would say overly independent and you are the kind of people who can live their life all alone without feeling alone actually this is what you are.

You’re so independent you don’t need anyone, you can just pick up a book and read it without thinking about anyone else.

When you’re outside you can appear very social and very warm but the moment anybody intrudes in your private space which not really nice and that is what you don’t like.

The moment that is an intrusion in your private space it kind of imbalances you from inside.

You are like as you are far from me it’s fine but don’t come too close, they are like the kind of touch me not plant.

As far as you are fine at a distance it’s okay but the moment you touch that touch me not plant it immediately closes itself.

So you are exactly those touch-me-not plants but do you feel like the distance is better so even in your closest relationships many times what happens is that this vibration of number 7 is a distancing vibration.

As distances increase people can find you very cold I would say you can be seen as somebody who is very cold but at the same time you are a very genuine person.


Numerology Life Path For Personality Number 7

The moment we tried to know you a little bit more, we understand that you’re extremely knowledgeable people.

And you can be very good at debating also because you have all the facts you have all the knowledge and you’re very deep so you can be very good at debating.

You can be very good when it comes to give out your knowledge or share your knowledge.

But after that what happens is that again you prefer to fold the inside of you or you don’t get inside of you.

It’s like okay I have had it all now I’m going back to my shell, I’m going back to my cave, I’m going back to my cocoon.

This is how the number seven people are they will not really share the problems with everyone.

Very few of the number 7 people have seen them sharing problems with others but you would like to find solutions to your own problems.

And in that what happens is that then you go into that introspection state and that overthinking then in the introspection you analyze you’re very good at analyzing.

Then you try to come back to the solutions and then you figure out where did it go wrong and then you try to correct.

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However I have always seen a number 7 people, if you tell them that you’re not happy with them about a particular thing then they do not lash back at you.

They will correct it and they will never repeat it and that’s really nice because otherwise, you have to nag people like what have you done don’t repeat this.

Number 7 people are so studious but they are so obedient somewhere inside of them and they are so perfect as the moment you tell them please don’t do this is not supposed to be done that way.

They will never repeat that same mistake again and they will make a new one 🙂 but they will never repeat the same mistake again.

Number 7 your universe in yourself isn’t it, you can have friends but not many. You are mystery you’re an enigma.


I also say for number seven people is that they very good researchers when it comes to jobs.

They can be archeologists, researchers and they can be very good at informatics the ones who can also make those big applications.

They can really create anything because they have wonderful ideas, they have that genius inside of them, and if you haven’t used your powers yet that its the time.

They can be very good writers they, can be very good orators also because there is so much knowledge there.

They can be very good in the medical field also where you need a lot of focus like surgeons.

They are very good wherever lots of studies, a lot of revealing or unleashing of something is required this is where number 7 people excel a lot.

They can be very good as spiritual guides, yoga practitioners, meditation astrology or cultists, priests.

This is all the universe of number seven whatever requires a lot of studies whatever requires lots of isolation number 7 is there for you.

Bad Traits Of Numerology Personality Number 7

The negative points of number seven are they can be very isolated, they like to close themselves, they can at times be less talkative.

So people who are interested in talking to them feel like they are so boring as they don’t talk to them.

They are like that as far as you are there for some time it’s fun, the moment you start to intrude in the private space they feel as if you are an intruder.

If you stop a number 7 from isolating themselves well you are inviting trouble because they will not feel good inside of them.

I told you they are well they are the ones who can go on in life all alone they don’t need anyone they’re so independent.

They will chat with you for an hour or two they will give all the knowledge out.

But afterward that they will be like okay fine I have to go back to my room and I have to read or I have to play my musical Instrument or my computer, whatever they like to do.

Most of the time it’s very difficult to be partnered with a number 7 it’s really difficult because they are there but they are not there.

And if you are the bubbly number 3 kind of a person well in a way it is good because you will just keep on speaking and number seven will just keep on listening to you.

But if you are also the quieter types like number five then it can be a bit difficult.

Number seven people stay single for very long they can go on without a marriage also they can try out new people for experiences but at the end of the day, they are back home in their own corners.

“Number seven is the most spiritual number very high in frequency seven is the number of completion, they are complete inside of them, this is why they don’t need anyone.”

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