Numerology Life Path For Personality Number 6

[Numerology] Life Path For Personality Number 6

Welcome to the numerological number 6 if you’re born on the 6th, 24th, or 15th of the month then you are number 6. It’s a magnetic number it’s a very magnetic number the people who fall under this number are very magnetic, they are very charismatic they are ended up with everything that is beautiful.

What are Numerology Personality Number 6 Like

They love everything that is beautiful, if you go to shops especially the ladies their eyes will just go on all that is beautiful.

Number 6 people they like to get ready, they like to look nice always.

They are very well dressed they have this kind of charisma about them and they’re very easy to get along.


Number six people are pacifist they don’t like fights and they are like if you’re cool with them if you’re nice with them then you are fine.

They are the opposites as if you invert six it will become nine so it has the same quality as number nine.

If you are cool and harmonious with them they are also very harmonious, they will try there best to bring out peace.


I have also seen about number 6 people is that they are always ready to give.

They like to just keep on giving, keep on doing for others and that’s the problem they will just do so much and in the end, they face burnout.

Because they are giving too much and in return, they just seek the love they are not seeking for compliments.

Basically number 6 people don’t look for compliments they are looking for love because love is their driving force.

It’s very important that they look for this appreciation gestures from people.

And if the closed ones for whom they are doing a lot if they don’t give it back then they feel as if they are no good because for them.

It’s like whatever comes in return to them becomes the driving force, in the sense if they get a lot of love in return.


Numerology Life Path For Personality Number 6

Because they want to give love, as they are the most caring people also I’ve seen that they’re so so caring to the limit that they forget who they are.

But if the partner doesn’t give that love back to them doesn’t give that appreciation and starts comparing them to someone else’s or something else then they feel they are no good.

Because that is the negative point in them that they can feel guilty, they can have this kind of firm or kind of an infinity inferiority complex.

Sometimes they can also be driven by guilty feelings many at times that they hide inside of them. They don’t like to show that.

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And I’ve also seen with number six people is that they can kind of have this kind of timidity inside of them that they can be a bit shy immediately.

If they get to know you then they will start opening up but after that, you cannot resist them because they have this lovely charm inside of them.


  • Just watch their smile just look at them, they can be very motherly also very fiercely protective about their family members.
  • They can be also attached a lot to their parents and if you say something against the family members well, this is where you’re inviting trouble upon yourselves.
  • Because they are very protective if you are a close friend they’ll be very protective of you as a friend.
  • Diplomacy is also something that they are very good at so this is why they make very good diplomats.
  • They will never like to hurt anyone but they will try to say the nastiest things in the nicest way until you really cross the limits.
  • Then they can get closed inside of them or they can just say one harsh word or something you’re in there but never try to criticize the number-6 people.
  • Because they’re like flowers and just screws inside of them whenever you are in parties or somewhere you will see that the number 6 people will automatically draw people towards them.


I’ve also seen that they are very attached also to their clothes, loved ones, dear ones to their friends, and many times they can be a victim to jealousy.

Because you know they have that charm inside of them, they can carry this charm, and sometimes people will not want to see them charming.

They can easily charm anyone and because of that, they can attract jealousies upon them, and then you know they can be a victim to rumors gossips.

So this can be quite possible with them but I have also seen about the number 6 people is that often in relationships they will face deceptions because they are really giving the overly trusting.

It’s a child’s heart that you people carry inside of you and deceptions.

You have to be careful with deceptions because they can be deceived very easily because people will rope them into something and say okay let’s do this for a cause and they like to help people.

Manipulated Easily

They are very good followers also so because of that what can happen is that people can manipulate

They get manipulated easy and because of that what happens is that they enter into something and then when it comes to playing the blame game everybody puts the number six in front.

People manipulate them and because of that, there are a lot of deceptions in the relationships because they’re so trusting.

Because they feel everything they are clear so they feel everyone is clear but it’s not like that.

They are number 6 you need to take care of them because you really need to protect yourself don’t be over-trusting.

Because you’re overly trusting and because of that people take undue advantage of you.

You take people at face value but you know in today’s world people are different with different intentions. So you need to take care of those manipulations

Bad Traits Of Numerology Personality Number 6

Overly Sensual

I’m gonna tell you is that downside for number 6 is they’re overly sensual

Sensuality plays a very important role so because of that they can be quite present. So, they have to balance this over sensuality.

Because otherwise you know they can fall into traps of wrong things or get into excessive physical pleasures which can give them problems regarding their reproductive system later in life.

So this thing has to be balanced cause everything in balance is good but this is like you’re using with this charm and this kind of you know sensuality.

I need to put it really well is that it gives you an edge over everybody else because this is what you emit.

So people get attracted to you but in that what can happen is that as you’re very loving and very caring and things like that.

You can get carried away and enter into some kind of relationships which are not very good for you and that can be toxic. So you need to control that over.

Sensuality is good but to what extent that you have to decide your limits and I mean physical pleasures are normal but not in excess.

Because this can be the tendency and I hope I don’t say for everyone but this can be a tendency of number 6 people to get carried away into excessive physical pleasures.

Very Emotional

They can be very very emotional as they are very indecisive sometimes.

I was wondering why are these people indecisive because they cannot break anybody’s heart it’s as simple as that.

It’s like if I say no I’m breaking somebody’s heart so they are always in this conflict is like okay they want to do something they will go two steps ahead and they come two steps behind.

This especially happens in the relationships and when it comes to relationships they are really confused because they don’t want to hurt anyone.

Numerology Number 6 avoids emotional blackmailing as I said these people have a child’s heart and children can emotionally blackmail easily.

Number 6 you’re so magnetic and you attract people towards you but at the same time, you’re so timid on certain things. So you shouldn’t be timid you have to speak what you feel like.

Over Spending

The other negative aspect also is overspending for luxuries. They love luxuries, loves beautiful things.

And many times what happens is that they can spend a lot in order to get those Wow things in the house for them maybe it is for items of clothing, jewelry, and things like that.

Best Traits Of Personality Number 6

They will be the most successful people because they are blessed by the winners they are completely showered by this beauty, these wonderful aspects, and attractiveness.


They are very stable when it comes to a job like they can be very good doctors.

Anything in the service industry is really recommended for the number 6 because they can very good doctors.

They can be very good teachers, very good guidance teachers, psychologists because they like to understand, they like to sit and they like to listen to people.

Then of course fashion designers, interior decoration people like the interior designers they can be very good at it because of all that is about beauty.

they are very good actors also because whatever is related to beauty to express the beauty then whatever is related to the cosmetic industry that can be very attractive to them.

“Number 6 you like the beauty of the material and keep in mind that there is a very wonderful inner spiritual force that is inside of you because that divine light is inside of you so you need to balance.”

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